Chiropractic Testimonials

Back Pain Testimonials

"After coming for a couple of times, I felt very good in my lower back and a BIG relief of how I can manage stress."

- Carolina R.

Headache & Migraine Testimonials

Neck Pain Testimonials

"I have Osteoarthritis in my neck and this was what was causing the pain...
Within 6 months, the pain that I thought I would have for the rest of my life, was gone!"

- John G.

Miscellaneous Testimonials

"Dr. Figone has played a key role in improving my physical as well as mental well-being. With her help, I have become more in tune with how my body communicates with me. By putting into practice the advice that she has given me, I have been able to have a more positive outlook in times where I am surrounded by negatively."

- John G.

"Chiropractic helps me feel younger and more vigorous. Dr. Figone has helped to restore my self confidence and inner peace after several years of concern."

- Lori H.

"Besides being pain free, I've enjoyed more healthy days since going to Absolute Chiropractic. Colds are a rarity, I've never had the flu in 9 years and my running abilities have improved."

- Lanny E.

"I have been receiving care for two years and I no longer have Vertigo (severe dizziness & disorientation). I have to give my deepest thank you to Dr. Figone for the corrective care she spent with me helping me heal and dealing with some of the difficult times in my life."

- Todd F.

"I credit Dr. Figone's skill, as well as her holistic approach, with increasing my energy and helping me feel more in touch with my body... It's wonderful to feel like a "real person" rather than just "the next patient" ... I am very grateful to be under the care of such a gifted healer."

- Melodee P.

"It's the power of the body that heals the body and because of chiropractic; my body has a lot of power!"

- Ana G.

"Ever since I have been seeing Dr. Figone and the wonderful girls at Absolute Chiropractic, the pain and definitely the discomfort have become less and less."

- Natasha D.

"I am so grateful to have stumbled into her office and found the amazing gift of health through chiropractic."

- Julianne K.

"Dr. Kari D.C. goes into that exact point within me that needs work and by tuning into that my body and mind responds quickly to her work. Her chiropractic helps me to feel relaxed mentally therefore my body feels more balanced and energized."

- Amy G.

"Seeing any health care professional can be intimidating and expensive. I am so grateful for the relationship I have developed with this office. My health is held in highest regard and a payment plan was offered which worked best for me. Imagine that!"

- Elisabeth H.

"I came to see Dr. Figone for cervical and spinal stenosis. Prior to that, I had tried physical therapy, exercise and massage to get help. Dr. Figone chipped away at the arthritis in my neck shoulder and lower back to increase movement. Now I have more freedom of movement and am almost pain free. I recommend that you stick with Dr. Figone's plan. If she says you will get better, you will! She gives you an honest assessment."

- Carol A.

Shoulder & Arm Pain Testimonials

"I was very impressed with Kari's depth of knowledge and her focus on helping the body heal itself. When Dr. Figone began working on me I could barely extend a 15-pound dumbbell with my left arm. Three days ago I benched 225 pounds three times!"

- Rich F.

Scoliosis Testimonial

Sports Injury Testimonial

"Dr. Figone is my first point of reference for my sports related injuries...
Dr. Figone has been able to teach me about listening to my body."

- Erica C.


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